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OFFICER DOWN MEMORIAL PODCAST - Sheriff Scott Rose shares the stories of how we lost these heroes in the line of duty.  You can find more information about these cases, including  photos of the family and from the case files, on our website at 

WARNING: Some episodes contain strong language and violent content.  Listener discretion is advised. 


Feb 25, 2022

The Officer Down Memorial Podcast will give you a glimpse of what law enforcement officers and their families go through every day to help keep our communities safe. These stories take you back in time to the era and the community where we lost these heroes. You'll feel like you were there when we lost this officer. These stories are real and raw. Our mission is to ensure their sacrifice is never forgotten, and to show how our men and women who serve in law enforcement are true heroes every day they put on the badge.  

WARNING: Episodes may contain strong language and violent content that may be disturbing to some.  Listener discretion is advised.   Visit our website to find more information about these heroes along with family and case photos and more - NEVER FORGOTTEN!