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OFFICER DOWN MEMORIAL PODCAST - Sheriff Scott Rose shares the stories of how we lost these heroes in the line of duty.  You can find more information about these cases, including  photos of the family and from the case files, on our website at 

WARNING: Some episodes contain strong language and violent content.  Listener discretion is advised. 


Mar 25, 2023

Chief Greg Lange was loved by all in this small town of 530 people, located just 30 minutes west of Rochester in SE Minnesota. The doors to his home were always open for kids after school who had nowhere else to go.  It was the end of a long 4th of July holiday weekend, and the city was finally quieting down for the night before a loud knock on the door woke Greg up.  It was a young local gal asking for help, reporting a domestic assault in progress at a home in Greg's neighborhood, a home he'd been to many times.  There he would be ambushed by two brothers, beaten and murdered - Greg gave his life that night and ultimately saved the lives of a young mother and her 5 month old baby girl.  

The man who shot and killed Chief Lange is up for his 4th parole hearing after serving 35 years of his life sentence for the brutal murder.  This family needs our help to send letters to the state of Minnesota telling them to keep this cop killer in prison where he belongs.  Letters must be sent by Tuesday March 28th.

Use this link to go to Greg's page on our website, and then click on the NO PAROLE FOR COP KILLERS logo to go to the Officer Down Memorial Page to find out how to send your letter to support this family. 

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