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Dec 3, 2021

Officer Brian Klinefelter was a young, enthusiastic officer serving in the city of St. Joseph in Central Minnesota.  It was January, and wind chills were 30-40 below zero that night.  Brian stopped a vehicle matching one used in a local armed robbery that night – and he was shot 5 times.  A huge man hunt, a kidnapping, and a large area search on foot followed.  In the end, 1 suspect was shot and killed, 2 were apprehended, and Brian was dead.  Officer Klinefelter left behind his wife and 3 month old daughter.  Brian’s wife, two officers who were on-scene, and a passerby that stopped to assist, help tell this incredible story about heroism and courage – reminding us how amazing and selfless the men and women are who take on this calling and risk their lives to keep our families and our communities safe day and night.  

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