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OFFICER DOWN MEMORIAL PODCAST - Sheriff Scott Rose shares the stories of how we lost these heroes in the line of duty.  You can find more information about these cases, including  photos of the family and from the case files, on our website at 

WARNING: Some episodes contain strong language and violent content.  Listener discretion is advised. 


Mar 5, 2021

In this edition of the Officer Down Memorial Podcast, Sheriff Scott Rose explains how this project got its start and its mission in an interview with Randy Sutton, one of America’s best known officers having been featured on the popular reality show “COPS,” “America’s Most Wanted” and roles in films such as “Casino,” “Fools Rush In,” and “Miss Congeniality II” as well as appearances on television network and cable news as a law enforcement commentator.  Randy is also a critically acclaimed author.  You can learn more about Randy Sutton, about all of his other law enforcement projects and listen to his podcast on Blue Lives Radio on the America Out Loud Talk Radio Network. 

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